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Jett and Jude started out on their own unique musical journeys when they received guitars for their 6th birthdays. Jett's primary instrument was an electric guitar for several years. Jude preferred a 3/4 acoustic. During seasons of burnout, these guys tried out other instruments, practiced vocals, or picked up new hobbies. In 6th grade, Jude chose band as an elective and started playing bass. At age 11, he constantly talked about starting a band. A year later, Jett finally agreed to join him, and Handkerchief Wave became a reality.

These two opposites approach music in entirely different ways. Jude loves all things creative and thinks outside the box. He gave the band its name and co-wrote one of the first songs, which blossomed from his handkerchief waves and "sniff, sniff" goodbyes. Entertainment is the highlight of his life. Jett creates his own tracks and records instruments and vocals. He also focuses on the technical aspects of music production. In 5th grade, Jett's music teacher realized that he had absolute pitch. Although he would describe this ability as both a blessing and a curse, it has enabled him to produce music with ease.

Our setup is grassroots. As of now, we only produce demos. We don't have a studio, and we are okay with that. It's been really fun to produce music our own way. We actually use a floppy disk because our keyboard is that old! We record vocals in a closet and use cheap headphones that don't have an in-line mic. Our songs usually have between 10 and 30 tracks. Right or wrong, it's worked so far, and it's also been a great learning experience. If we can do it, you can too!


We both play guitar and bass, so we trade out parts depending on the song. We play along with backup tracks that we create ourselves.


We perform in Texas and Louisiana. Sometimes we jam together, and sometimes we go solo. It just depends on our schedules.


The shirts are black with our logo (pictured) on the back.


We feature people in our videos whose real life stories match up with our lyrics. We are always thinking about our next production!



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