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Here's info about social media and #hashtagdonations:

If you post something about us, please use our handle @kerchiefwave or hashtag #handkerchiefwave.

With our latest music project #WhenImLivingProof, we are trying something (that we think is) new called #hashtagdonations to potentially measure our project's impact. Some kids in our video have faced a personal or family struggle while #striving. If you are inspired by our video, we'd love it if you'd use #hashtagdonations to give to any of their organizations: UMDF, JDRF, St. Nicoholas Center, American Lung Association, Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, Azalea Academy, St. Jude, or The Little Light House. Just use the hashtag #WhenImLivingProof with any Honoree or Memorial donation. Feel free to tag us on social media @kerchiefwave. What would this mean? Well...

In addition to memorial and honoree donations, some organizations are now adding the option to write comments, words of encouragement, and personal stories (see the gray comment box to the right). These comments appear publicly when a person donates. What a great place to find your hashtag! For organizations who haven't yet embraced this concept, now is the time. Donations are extremely meaningful to those who, like we mentioned above, struggle while #striving.

We have only seen the #hashtagdonations tag used twice on Twitter in 2016 and twice on Instagram, but no one has used it as a standard to identify a project's reach. Wouldn't it be great if you could go to your organization's website and see a group's hashtag? Or if you could type one hashtag like #WhenImLivingProof in your browser and see every charity that has been gifted in honor of an entire group, grade, school, project, or club? Participants could easily identify the impact of their group's donations, hard work, or community service. People always like to know whose lives they touch, and this is an easy way to make that happen. We hope you will use a #hashtagdonation in honor of a group or project every time you donate in the future! This will encourage organizations to modify their donation pages to add space for comments, including #hashtagdonations.


We both play guitar and bass, so we trade out parts depending on the song. We play along with backup tracks that we create ourselves.


We perform in Texas and Louisiana. Sometimes we jam together, and sometimes we go solo. It just depends on our schedules.


The shirts are black with our logo (pictured) on the back.


We feature people in our videos whose real life stories match up with our lyrics. We are always thinking about our next production!



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